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"Experience the Art of Inventive Design with Inventor!"


   Inventor® 3D CAD software provides professional-grade mechanical design, documentation, and product simulation tools.  

Powerful blend of parametric, direct, freeform, and rules-based design capabilities. 

Integrated tools for sheet metal, frame design, tube and pipe, cable & harness, presentations, rendering, simulation, machine design, and more.

Trusted DWG compatibility and powerful Model-Based Definition capabilities for embedding manufacturing information directly in the 3D model. 


Improve product performance

Use powerful 3D modeling and simulation capabilities to design and optimize performance. 

Reduce repetitive tasks

Quickly create customizable configurations of your designs and automate common tasks. 

Boost collaboration

Connect your designs with incoming customer data and share ideas in a secure cloud-based service. 


Share feedback with built-in collaboration tools

  • Work with anyone, anywhere no matter what CAD software they use.

  • Collect feedback from stakeholders wherever they are using cloud-based design review.

  • Follow the product development lifecycle with one data model.

Satisfy demands_edited_edited.jpg

Satisfy demands for custom products and automate processes

  • Design efficiently using specialized industry toolsets.

  • Enable design automation powered by illogic.

  • Access Inventor API to create add-ins.

  • Access Forge Design Automation API for running job processes in the cloud.

BIM interoperability.jpg

BIM interoperability

  • Increase your sales opportunities while participating in BIM projects.

  • Automate the simplification of your designs for required LOD.

  • Include necessary metadata for BIM-authoring tools.

  • Export your designs to a BIM-ready Revit format.


              We also provide training for Inventor in both online and on-site formats. Our online training offers flexibility through live webinars, interactive exercises, and virtual demonstrations. On-site training brings personalized instruction to your location for a hands-on learning experience. Our expert trainers ensure you gain the necessary skills to maximize Inventors's potential. Enhance your Inventor skills and optimize your manufacturing processes with our training programs.

Contact us for more details on schedules, pricing, and other information.

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