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"Transforming Designs with PowerShape's Cutting-Edge Tools!"

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     PowerShape is CAD modelling software designed to help manufacturers simplify the process of converting product designs into the moulds, tools and dies used to make them.

PowerShape is an ideal modelling companion for CAM software, such as PowerMill or FeatureCAM, and helps create geometry to aid CAM programming.

PowerShape can work with native CAD data from mainstream design systems. Intelligent workflows help you to import, analyse, repair, and prepare complex parts for CNC machining.

Whos uses powershape?

          PowerShape is commonly used by manufacturers who receive a finished product design and need to convert it into manufacturable parts (often moulds, tools, dies, electrodes) used for mass production.

       PowerShape is typically used by manufacturing engineers and CNC machine operators who generate NC machining code that will be used to produce these same parts with CNC machinery.

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Boats in the Water

Why use Fusion 360 with PowerShape?

Enhance your CAM programming

Create complex 3D geometry to better control CAM software:

  • Mix surface, solid or mesh data seamlessly

  • Import, analyse and repair third-party designs

  • Fix faults that can complicate downstream processes

Work faster with modelling for manufacture

Automate common modelling tasks. Quickly convert product designs into moulds, tools and dies ready for CNC machining.

  • Core and cavity splitting

  • Electrode design and manufacture

Automated rib capping for EDM

Access advanced simulation

Use powerful mechanical and thermal simulation tools inside Fusion 360 with PowerShape to verify your 3D designs.

Key features of Fusion 360 with PowerShape

  • CAM modeling companion

  • Import, analyze, and repair models

  • Tolerant solid modeling

  • Flexible surface modeling

  • Direct modeling

  • Core and cavity splitting

  • Electrode modeling

  • Rib capping

  • Specialist press-die surfaces

  • Mold-base design

  • Reverse engineering

  • Mesh modeling


              We also provide training for PowerShape in both online and on-site formats. Our online training offers flexibility through live webinars, interactive exercises, and virtual demonstrations. On-site training brings personalized instruction to your location for a hands-on learning experience. Our expert trainers ensure you gain the necessary skills to maximize PowerShape's potential. Enhance your PowerShape skills and optimize your manufacturing processes with our training programs.

Contact us for more details on schedules, pricing, and other information.

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