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"Design with Confidence using ZW3D's Cutting-Edge Technology!"


What’s ZW3D?

  • ZW3D is an easy-to-learn, all-in-one 3D CAD/CAE/CAM solution that can take you through the entire product development journey from conception to production.

  • Harnessing the power of design, simulation, and manufacturing, ZW3D helps you build better products faster at less cost.

  • Whether you are a small workshop or an enterprise organization, ZW3D has your needs covered with complete, powerful features including solid-surface hybrid modeling, structural simulation, 2-5 axis machining and specialized tools for sheet metal, molds and more.

  • All your needs are in one place—the right 3D design-to-manufacturing solution for you.

Why ZW3D?

Improved Productivity

Integrate design, simulation and manufacturing into a single program to streamline workflow, and bring your products to market faster.

Reduced Costs

Get the most of your money. From product design to manufacturing, everything can be done at a lower cost.

Smooth Transition

Outstanding CAD interoperability, comprehensive learning materials and responsive support help you switch to the new CAD system with minimum effort.

What Can ZW3D Do?

Industrial Equipment

  • Satisfy all your design needs with a complete workflow from component and assembly design, through structural analysis and 2D drawing.

  • Speed up your design process with industry-specific modules for sheet metal, steel structure, piping, harness and more.

  • Optimize product performance, shorten product development time and reduce prototype costs with structural simulation.

  • Effortlessly manage data by having parts, assemblies, 2D drawings, and even CAM plans in one file.

Consumer Goods

  • Directly import and open files from Rhino®, CreoⓇ and other common software solutions for industrial design.

  • Complete complex design faster with complete skeleton and top-down modeling tools, powerful parametric modeling for structural design, and the ability to create G3 continuity surfaces.

  • Validate structural strength and improve product quality with a blend of simulation types.

  • Bring your ideas to life quickly and communicate ideas easily with high- quality, photorealistic rendering

Plastic Molds

  • Satisfy all your needs with complete functions covering the entire process from mold design to mold machining.

  • Speed up mold design with extensive mold analysis tools, specialized design features, mold bases and standard mold parts.

  • Edit and heal non-parametric 3D models in less time with powerful Direct Edit and a variety of surface editing tools.

  • Create accurate quotations quickly to avoid missing business opportunities with non-solid mold parting

2 and 3-Axis CNC Machining

  • Fit the needs of part and mould machining with turning and 2 and 3-axis milling capabilities.

  • Accelerate programming and machining with multiple machining strategies.

  • Provide free post-processor customization adapting to different machine tools.

  • Reduce time in preparing models for programming, and fit the needs of jig and fixture design with powerful CAD capability.

Automotive Parts

  • Enable easy interaction between upstream and downstream companies with high-quality import/export of CATIAⓇ and NX® and other common file formats.

  • Get up to speed quickly and easily with minimum learning costs.

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